Barely two months of making the MAP regulation into law, the NERC has granted a ‘No Objection’ to 22 firms that will commence the procurement, installation and maintenance of meters for the 11 DisCos.

The new regulation as said by the commission is intended primarily to help close the wide metering gap in the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry within three years, appears to be yielding results.

In a statement issued by the General Manager, Public Affairs of the commission, Dr. Usman Abba Arabi said that the commission, having done it due diligence, granted successful applicants a ‘No Objection’ to participate in the procurement process for meter assets as provided for in the regulation.

The 22 companies that received the nod of the commission are as follows;

1. Huawei Technology Company Nigeria Limited;

2. Bilview Energy Limited;

3. Chintech Electro Nigeria Limited;

4. Holley Metering Limited;

5. Meron Nigeria Limited;

6. Integrated Power Limited;

7. MBH Power Limited;

8. Trimani Engineering Limited;

9. Sapropel Energy Resources Limited;

10. Megawatt Distribution International Limited;

11. Unistar Hi-Tech Systems Limited;

12. MOMAS Electricity Meters Manufacturing Company Limited;

13. Imperial Infrastructure Development Company Limited;

14. Ratio Consulting Limited;

15. Protogy Global Services Limited;

16. Paktim Metering Nigeria Limited;

17. Sabrud Consortium Nigeria Limited;

18. Tinuten Nigeria Limited;

19. Kayz Consortium Limited;

20. BTS Power Limited;

21. CIG Metering Assets Nigeria Limited;

22. And Cresthill Energy Limited

While stating that the door is still wide open to other interested investors, the helmsman restated that the DisCos are mandated to engage the MAPs who are to fund the purchase, installation, maintenance and replacement of meters in order to reduce incidences of estimated electricity billing that has bedeviled the sector drastically.