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ForestNERC granted a ‘No Objection’ to 22 firms that will commence the procurement

Barely two months of making the MAP regulation into law, the NERC has granted a ‘No Objection’ to 22 firms that will commence the procurement, installation and maintenance of meters for the 11 DisCos.

The new regulation as said by th.....

ForestNERC new Regulation for DISCOS and Electricity Consumers without Meter

In an effort to strengthen the electricity industry, the NERC as approved a regulation for the licensing of third-party financing of meters that will be responsible for the supply, installation, and maintenance of meter assets to end users. This, the.....


Customers Exempted from Estimated Electricity Bills...

ForestLorien Gamaroff to bring Bitcoin to Africa

In Johannesburg, South Africa, Lorien Gamaroff believes he has a way for Africa's millions of unbanked consumers to pay their utility bills - the digital currency Bitcoin

ForestNew Minister of Power announced for Nigeria

Former Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, has been appointed the Minister of Power, Works and Housing


Death can occur from any shock that carries enough current to stop the heart. The current path must usually include either the heart or the brain to be fatal.

ForestTender for water meter

In Zambia, water utility Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company has issued a tender for the supply and delivery of water meters.

ForestWhy SmartMeters are Consumers' Companion

The benefits a smart meter cannot be accurately quantified, as it is too numerous to just mention in one article. However, the effect of using smart meter is seen almost immediately and

ForestPromoting Green-Energy Africa

Use this as a guide to assist you in managing your electricity more efficiently and assist both the country and the planet with your savings.

ForestEfficient Metering

Standardised metering will not only help power distributors to accurately bill and make correct planning for the amount of power consumed, but will also make it imperative for entities that had not found rea