JED PLC is an indigenous electricity Company, incorporated in Nigeria to carry out the business of electricity distribution and retail sale in the regions of Plateau, Gombe, Bauchi and Benue States.

Our core business includes the planning, development, distribution, delivery of electricity and electricity management services. We take our business seriously and value the economic and environmental sustainability of our community.

Our Mission

“Our Mission’ is to distribute and deliver electricity safely, reliably, uninterruptedly, qualitatively and cost effectively to our existing and future customers.”

Our Vision

“Our ‘Vision’ is to be an outstanding well-institutionalized, efficient and competent electricity distribution and retail sales establishment that enhances the felicity and welfare of our customers in the areas of our jurisdiction for a better future.”

Our Values

Personal safety of our employees, co-workers and the public are paramount to our values. These include:

Working earnestly to improve quality and adding value to our services.

Employing appropriate configuration systems to the dynamics of business systems.

Maintaining the highest quality, safety and ethical standards of international standing.

Promoting effective communication and amicable atmosphere among our team.

Acting in accordance with our corporate, community, and social responsibilities.

Leading investment portfolio for our shareholders.

Respecting and celebrating the unique diversity of our stakeholders.

Core Values

Basic Honesty, Integrity and Fairness

Unequivocal Excellence in all we do

Respect and Opportunity for the individual

Hard work and Continuous Self Improvement

Innovations and Idea Driven

Result Oriented: Getting things DONE!

Culture Profile

Cautious, practical, tactful, wise

Dependable and confident

Energetic, passionate, exceptional

Supportive, helpful and obliging

Warm, traditional, intuitive


JED PLC team is made up of committed and diligent members of staff who strive on a daily basis to meet the challenges of electricity distribution and retail sales in the Company’s area of coverage and continuously develop themselves to meet the evolving technological developments globally.